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When you live on the Sunshine Coast, air conditioning repairs are no laughing matter. When it gets hot, it gets REALLY hot. You need the aircon to run, and you need it to run ice cold all summer long. That’s why Liberty Buderim is happy to provide a full range of services to keep your auto air conditioning running at its best all season long.

Having an automotive air conditioner that doesn’t work isn’t just uncomfortable, but it can potentially become a health hazard. As the temperature rises, the inside of your car will become hotter than the surrounding air. Even if you’re driving with the windows down, this can cause dangerous situations for those who are sensitive to heat, especially those with certain health conditions and young children. You need to keep the air conditioner running at full performance all summer for a safe and comfortable ride.
With this in mind, we can provide a wide range of air conditioning repairs to get your air running cold. We can repair fan issues or install a whole new air conditioning system, if needed.

We’re committed to providing quality services that won’t let you down, which is why we guarantee our work. Not only that, but we offer lower prices than our competitors, and you’ll never have to sacrifice on service in order to take advantage of our affordable rates.

If you’re ready to have your air conditioning repairs done by a true professional, then give us a call or send over a message. One of our expert staff members will get back to you quickly to discuss your needs.

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