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It is no surprise that using proper child restraints is important for the safety of your child. Not only do properly installed child safety seats reduce the risk of death and serious injury in the case of an accident, but it also keeps your child safely positioned in the car when they are too young to hold themselves at the proper angle.

While most parents know that using child restraints makes riding in the car safer, many unknowingly buckle their children incorrectly. This not only puts children in danger, but also creates a false sense of security in caretakers.
Part of the reason that children are often buckled in wrong is due to the installation of the seat itself. While the seatbelt provides a safe way to install a safety seat, sometimes it can be difficult to do so properly. Many cars are not fitted with lower anchors and tethers to help make car seat installation easier, and thereby, safer.

If your car doesn’t come with anchors, or doesn’t come with enough, we can provide a full installation of new anchors to use your child restraints more securely.
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If you aren’t sure whether your car has anchors where you need them, we can help you. Our team will determine whether your car is adequately equipped, and if you need more installed. We are happy to assist you in any way we can to ensure that your children can ride in the car safely and with the greatest amount of convenience.

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