Vehicle safety inspections in Maroochydore


Ensure your vehicle is running smoothly with safety inspections from Liberty Buderim–NJT Mechanical on the Sunshine Coast. We believe it’s especially important to have your vehicle checked before a big trip where you will be travelling down highways at high speeds.

Liberty Buderim–NJT Mechanical offers a full range of vehicle safety inspections to get and keep your car running in top-notch shape before you take a major trip. We will ensure that there are no mechanical worries throughout your vehicle, that the electrical system is working well, that your air conditioning is running cool, and that your tyres and other external features are in top shape.

At Liberty Buderim-NJT Mechanical, we also specialise in modification inspections, pre-trip/holiday inspections, pre-purchase inspections and certificate of inspection for ride share vehicles. Contact us today for more information.

When to have vehicle safety inspections:


Ideally, you should undergo vehicle safety inspections any time you plan to take your car or truck on a trip farther from home. This can include business trips, vacations, and holiday visits. It’s important to make sure that you are travelling in a vehicle that is prepared for a long trip.

Breakdowns, especially on busy highways, can be highly dangerous for those in your vehicle. If it happens on the roadway it can lead to accidents, and even being parked on the side of the road can create dangerous situations for the driver if he or she gets out of the car to have a look under the hood.
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To avoid these scenarios, we can perform a thorough safety inspection to ensure there are no underlying issues, which would make your car likely to cause a safety hazard, such as a blown tyre or to breakdown while you’re on the road.

We also recommend safety inspections when you are putting your vehicle up for sale. Our team will ensure all mechanical aspects are fully compliant to ensure a swift sale of your vehicle.

If you are leaving town soon, call us today to schedule your vehicle safety inspections. We’ll ensure you leave home in the safest possible vehicle.

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